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Chap Sun Tangki Sdn Bhd is a leading South East Asian Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tank design and manufacturing company. Carrying the trademark “SUN” brand, the company is considered to be one of the most reliable and trusted Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tank manufacturer with markets across South East Asia, Middle East and part of Oceania.

Appointed as the sole erecting contractor of Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tanks from Great Britain in 1965, Chap Sun Tangki Sdn Bhd evolved into a manufacturer in 1970 approved by the Public Works Department of Malaysia (JKR). With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, the SUN brand is certified by SIRIM QAS compliant to the British Standard BS 1564 : 1975 and ISO 1461 : 1999 Standards.

With more than 50 years of industrial experience, Chap Sun Tangki offers a full range of associated technical services including consultation, installation and inspection. The SUN brand delivers the highest value for money investments for a safe and long term utilization of water storage system.

Chap Sun Tangki aims to deliver an enhanced customer satisfaction by fully utilizing awkward spaces in constrained locations meeting actual water usage and storage demand.

Our Services / Products

"SUN" Brand Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tanks

Mild Steel
Hot-rolled Steel plate conformed to BS 4360 grade 43A or equivalent
- One-coat red oxide (External Surface)
- Two-coat bituminous paint (Internal Surface)

Hot-Dipped Galvanised
Water tank panels, internal bracing and accessories processed with galvanizing complying to ISO 1461:1999.
- Prolong life span of water tank

Hot-Dipped Galvanised with HDPE Lining and Internal Stainless Steel Bracing
Water tank panels galvanized
Installed with a layer of 2.0mm thick HDPE lining internally
Stainless Steel 304 or 316 materials for components in contact with water
- Internal surface of Water Tank protected against Corrosion from water
- Provides safer and cleaner water storage system

Stainless Steel 304 and 316
Maintenance-free and durable water tank
Occasionally flush and drain off sediments accumulated over time
- Highly recommended for corrosive environments

Project List

Item  Project Name Location Tank Size Type
1) Gleneagles Hospital Selangor 64'x12'x10'(P) M.S
2) Lim Chu Kang Camp Singapore 48'x28'x12'(3P) H.D.Gal
3) Jalan Mahsuri Penang 84'x20'x4'(H) HDPE
4) Great Realty Sdn Bhd (Aman Central) Kedah 60'x20'x12'(P) H.D.Gal
5) Langkawi Kedah 60'x24'x8'(P)"Odd" H.D.Gal
6) AMG Line Extension Selangor 40'x24'x16'(H)"L" Shape M.S
7) Vue 8 Condo @ Pasir Ris Drive 3 Singapore 40'x20'x6'(P)"Odd" Shape H.D.Gal
8) Bersatu Integrated Logistics K.L 52'x12'x12'(P) H.D.Gal
9) Hi Freight Selangor 64'x12'x16'(2P) M.S
10) Genting Berhad T3 & T4 B11 Pahang 64'x20'x12'(P) M.S
11) Papua New Guinea   25mx3mx4m(P) H.D.Gal
12) Osram Opto Semiconductors (M) Sdn Bhd Kedah 40'x24'x12'(LP) H.D.Gal
13) Fox World Theme Park   56'x20'x12'(3P) H.D.Gal
14) SA 2 Logistic Hub, Shah Alam Selangor 148'x20'x16'(LP) H.D.Gal
15) Kuantan College Pahang 56'x28'x8'(P) "Odd" Shape H.D.Gal
16) Bagan Specialist Centre Penang 40'x24'x12'(P) H.D.Gal
17) Bagan Specialist Centre Penang 40'x8'x12'(P) H.D.Gal
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